Ozone-friendly tea logo on SL cricket team uniform | Sunday Observer

Ozone-friendly tea logo on SL cricket team uniform

The Cabinet of Ministers last week approved a proposal by the President as the Minister of Mahaweli Development and Environment, to find out if the ozone-friendly tea logo can be included in the Sri Lanka Cricket team uniform as a promotional strategy. Sri Lanka completely stopped the use of Methyl Bromide alias Bromo-methane, a pesticide used in tea plantations, in keeping with the 1992 Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the Ozone layer. The Sri Lanka Tea Board introduced the ‘Ozone Friendly Tea Logo’ to mark this achievement, and the proposal made by President Sirisena, sought approval to discuss with the relevant parties to include this logo in the uniform of the Sri Lanka cricket team as a method of promoting Ceylon Tea in the international market. 


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