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Ranjan stands by his statement

Deputy Minister of Social Empowerment and Welfare, Ranjan Ramanayake who says that he has utmost respect towards the country’s judiciary, however, stands by what he had said, as there are more than enough examples in the recent past to back his statement. Speaking to the Sunday Observer, the Deputy Minister made this comment in relation to the decision made by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) to take legal action against him for insulting the judiciary, under article 105 of the Constitution.

“This is not a problem with the judiciary. I spoke of the people who are a part of the judiciary and the legal system, and similar sentiments had been expressed by the President as well. We have seen members of the judiciary closely associating with members of the government during the previous regime,” the Deputy Minister said.

“Justice Abrew was a classic example. We have had former Chief Justices publicly apologizing to the citizens of this country for their mistakes in dispensing justice. Another example is former judge Lenin Ratnayake,” he said.

Pointing out these examples, he questioned as to what action was taken at that time by the Bar Association to uphold the independence of the Judiciary. While acknowledging that there are people who have acted in a manner to uphold the honour of the judiciary and the professionalism of the legal body, there were a few who have disgraced this honourable entity.

“My intention was not to insult any person or any authority, but merely to highlight the fact that the people in this country deserve justice,” he said.

The Executive committee of the Bar Association decided, last Wednesday, to initiate legal action against the Deputy Minister, for contempt of court based on a statement he made.

President of the Bar Association, Attorney-at-Law U. R. de Silva said that if the Deputy Minister fails to show evidence within 41 days, they will take stringent measures against him.