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Why is Kandy’s Football at its lowest level ?

Kandy Football League failed to conclude the 2016 Football tournaments according to schedule and the final of one tournament was played only last week. This was almost after one year. The football fans in Kandy are asking the question as to why the Football Federation is silent over these matters without taking necessary action against the organizers of the tournaments played in Kandy. This clearly shows how lenient the FFSL’s devotion for the game of football in the hill capital.

Football was introduced to Kandy 87 years ago by the then British Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces stationed in South East Asia, Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten during the second World War when two British Regiments were stationed in Kandy. Football continued well under many interested persons who loved the game. The fans too were very supportive to promote the game which also encouraged the school authorities to introduce the game at schools with the view of promoting the sport.

As Kandy FL worked tirelessly to promote the sport in Matale, Nawalapitiya, Gampola, Kurunegala and Kegalle too which came under the purview of KFL. Many soccer clubs were formed in these areas and they entered tournaments conducted by the KFL which resulted in producing many national level players. When soccer was gaining popularity in these areas the school authorities too took a keen interest to promote the game among school children with a view of developing the sport.

St. Anthonys, Kingswood, Dharmaraja, Sri Rahula, St. Pauls, Berravettes College, Vidyartha and St. Sylvester’s were the schools that took the game seriously and these schools became the breeding ground in producing football players for tournaments in Kandy.

Kandy Schools FA was formed in 1963 and it did an excellent job to promote the game. Zahira College, Gampola, Nugawela Central, Gampola Vidyalaya, Wickramabahu, Katherasan MV from Nawalapitiya, Highlands from Hatton and Zahira College, Matale played under Kandy Schools Football Association.

One of the best Football leagues in the country KFL and football overall is at present in dire straits. It is mainly due to the inefficiency of the administrators of the FFSL who are not at all supportive for the KFL. Since 2002 this failure has been the trend.

With this deteriorating situation, the players, fans and other interested parties are questioning the governing body for not taking remedial measures to develop the sport.

When will Kandy’s football reach its past glory?