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Kandy gears up for school cricket season

Kandy schools are gearing up for the upcoming cricket season amid many hardships. Sports played a large part in the lives of school children here when the inter-school rugby season which came to a close. The other popular sport among schools in Kandy is cricket and it too gives the fans all excitement. Though they faced difficulties Kandy schools have produced top cricketers to bring honour to the motherland and school. At present most cricket playing schools in Kandy are lacking ground facilities and other needs.

Cricket has always been a part and parcel of schoolboys. Spectator interest for school cricket in Kandy is very high. With the help of the spectator’s backing the cricketers too are compelled to produce their best. The final result of this has been that many school cricketers from Kandy made their way to reach national level and represent the country. Masters-in-charge and coaches too play a vital role in bringing them to higher levels giving their utmost for these young cricketers.

St. Sylvester’s College has continued to produce good cricketers even without a proper playing field of their own. This time they are blessed with a good set of players and if things are done in the correct way they are sure to do well. In 1994 they won for the first time the All-Island League championship but failed to reach the final losing to Ananda. This year they have played their first match against Josephs Vaz College. Vidyartha College is another leading Buddhist school in the hill capital which has a proud cricket record of 60th years. Last season they did extremely well and should start from where they left last season, they are expected to play their first game on Tuesday 5th and 6th vs Dharmaraja College at Lake View.

Cricket takes pride of place at Kingswood and many cricketers have enjoyed the sport at this school when at its best. Kingswood is also one of the oldest schools, to play the game in the country. This year they are with some talented cricketers play their first game is on 14th and 15th with Vidyartha College.

Dharmaraja is one of the oldest Buddhist cricket playing schools in the country and it is one school which has produced good results. This school too has all the facilities that is needed for cricket. This year the Rajans are sure to do well. They were to open the season with a match against Vidyartha last week end but the game was not played as the wicket was not ready. It will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A school which has been a major force in school cricket in the past is St. Anthony’s College. Rrecently they have failed to live up to expectations. This season the Antonians are expected to do well. Their first engagement will be against Richmond College, Galle.

Trinity College, hope to field a well balanced side this season with many of them playing their second year. Trinity seems to be getting back to old standards. This is one school, which enjoys all the facilities for the sport. Their first game is with St. Servatius College on September 14-15.

Sri Rahula College has become a major force cricket. Thanks to the efforts of their old boys. Rahulians play their first game against Zahira College, Akurana on 20-21.

Sri Sumangala College, earlier known as St. Paul’s College, also have produced good cricketers and this time will go all out to give their best. They play good cricket with limited facilities. But they continue to play the game.

Nugawella Central College play in the Division II. The school produced leg-spinner Saranga Rajaguru who went on to represent Sri Lanka in the ICC Youth Cricket World Cup 2010 in New Zealand.

Other leading schools that have entered this season’s inter Schools tournament are Madena Central College, Walala A Ratnayake Central College, Ranabima Royal College, Al-Azhar College, Akurana, Zahira College Akurana.