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Crysbro provides renovation assistance to employees

CRYSBRO Group well-known for quality, freshness and innovation in breeding and processing of chicken in Sri Lanka held its annual ‘Praja Aruna’ CSR program for the period 2016-17 CSR recently.

CRYSBRO Group determined to uplift the welfare of its employees and society at large conducts several CSR projects and Employee Welfare programs annually.

With the ‘Praja Aruna’ CSR, a brainchild concept of Group Founder Mohamed Imtiaz CRYSBRO has accomplished the target of completing its annual housing project for 2016-17 on schedule.

CRYSBRO Group which is committed to boost the wellbeing of its employees has donated four brand new houses to members of its staff in which the total cost was borne by the company. These staff members were chosen after a careful evaluation by the CRYSBRO Employees Welfare Society, who undertook field visits and carried out needs-assessment.

While four CRYSBRO Group employees received new houses, another nine employees were provided financial assistance by CRYSBRO Employee Welfare Society to the tune of Rs 100,000 each to carry out renovations to their homes

Since 2012, CRYSBRO has offered, as outright donations, 23 new houses to its employees, with other 40 staff membersreceiving cash for carrying out renovations under the Group’s unique “Praja Aruna” CSR program.

CRYSBRO Group which acknowledges its responsibilities to society and staff alike is one of the few conglomerates that conduct as many as four CSR programs and several employee welfare schemes such as the “Praja Aruna”, the recently concluded CRYSBRO Group Annual Get-together and Awards Night 2017 and Sports Meet, the ‘Sisu Diriya’, ‘DiriSaviya’ and the ‘Suwa Shakthi’ CSR programs.