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Finetech Consultancy facilitates Architect and Construction Forum

Finetech Consultancy, Cloud based solution specialists will facilitate and execute the Architect and Constructions Forum 2017 at the Hilton Colombo Residencies on 12th September from 7 am to 10 am.

The event will focus on constructional solutions through G-Suite to enhance collaboration and sharing. Finetech Consultancy provides cloud based solutions to numerous and varied organizations in partnership with Google. The Company is based in Colombo with operations in Bangladesh and the Maldives.

“Cloud is set to become the next big wave in technology. Through our expertise in cloud based solutions as well as our partnership with Google, the most innovative brand in the world, we are able to provide efficient and purposeful solutions to various organizations.

Architect and Constructions Forum 2017 aim to inform relevant entities about the value of Google powered business solutions and open a discussion on the usage of G-Suite tools,” commented Clehan Pulle, CEO, Finetech Consultancies (Pvt)Ltd. G-Suite tools for the Architecture and Construction industries enable maximizing of creative output as well as business collaboration through ease of sharing information, easy and quick access to information, efficient information management and project management.

The Architect and Constructions Forum 2017 will be an informative event line-up on G-Suite tools. G-Suite cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools for enterprises feature additional support such as custom email addresses, unlimited cloud storage, additional administrative tools as well as advanced income settings.