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Catholic Church opposed to abortion

The Catholic Church once again reiterated its stance last week that it would not condone abortion under any circumstances.

A cleric from the Archdiocese of Colombo said, the Church is opposed to any move that permits abortion and added that it would continue to lobby against legalizing abortion in the country.

“Life begins from the moment of conception. Therefore, no one has the right to decide on the life of another,” he said.

However, it is estimated that around 600 illegal abortions take place daily in the country. Abortion is currently illegal in the country except to save the life of the mother.

Medical experts are of the view that in the case of a rape where the victim has no protection, if there are abnormalities in the foetus and is at the risk of having still births, abortion should be permitted.

The Catholic Bishops Conference condemns the move to legalize abortion calling on the authorities to withdraw laws permitting abortions under any circumstance.

Catholic Bishops Conference General Secretary, Rt. Rev. Dr. Valence Mendis said one could not safeguard one’s right at the expense of violating the rights of another.

Christian Affairs Minister, John Amaratunga during a media briefing last week said, neither the President nor the Prime Minister would condone such a move and added that he would vehemently oppose any move to legalize abortion.

However, the Minister said, there is nothing that could be done to stop illegal abortions that takes place on a large scale daily, in the country.

“I am totally against legalizing abortion and will oppose it when it is taken up in Cabinet,” the Minister said.

Pope Francis in an exhortation last year, condemned abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage.