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BEST BOOK REVIEWS: A Voyage of Adventure

First Prize

Robinson Crusoe is one of my favourite books. It is written by the great novelist, Daniel Defoe. It was first published in 1719. It is written in simple language so that readers can understand the story easily. In the story, the fictional character, Robinson Crusoe is the narrator, himself.

I like this wonderful book because it is filled with curiosity, and also because of the way Crusoe overcomes challenges smoothly by applying his skills. Crusoe is filled with self confidence and self esteem. He is also a great character filled with courage. I also like the quality of loyalty in the character named Friday, who was a native of the island and was rescued by Crusoe from savages. I recommend Robinson Crusoe as an exceptional book for young readers, as well as adults, who love adventures.

Oshadha Tharuka Perera,

Grade 7,

Dharmaraja College, Kandy.