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Let us do away with the political party system

The Political Party system for governance was bequeathed to us by the British, but unfortunately, it has only served to divide the country; whereas our principal need is to build a united Democratic country, where ethnic harmony prevails and the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Equality are fundamental values.

Let us establish a ONE NATIONAL PARTY government as in China; this should not be difficult, for our two main political parties do not differ ideologically, and both agree on economic and social policy, and most importantly, stand firm against religious intolerance; this is why today’s SLFPer can conveniently become a ‘UNPer’ tomorrow; this has nothing to do with any”Islamic’ trait as some jokers allege.

Do hope the TRAcoalition will have the Will and the Guts to abolish the present political party system through the new Constitution and introduce the One Political Party system as in China and change the political culture of our unique country and usher in true peace and harmony.

Let us first lay the foundation by making the study of Sinhalese, Tamil and English compulsory in all ‘Central Schools’ in the island; this would be a small price to pay to unify the country. Language is the one and only key to open the door to racial harmony. Maitri and Ranil would be remembered forever as the founders of modern Lanka.

- K G 


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