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Thought patterns and positive words

Research indicates that nearly 75% to 98% of sicknesses can be attributed to negative thinking patterns.

We start to build memories, while in our mothers’ wombs, and are affected by the prenatal environment. For example, mothers can transfer their fears and stress to the infants in their wombs. This can result in children having attention –deficiency, hyperactivity disorders, cognitive delay, being autistic and in some cases schizophrenic.

Scientists say, our thinking patterns are formed by age three. We are influenced by a lot of negative toxic thinking patterns which we even do not know that exist within us. By age three, some of these thought patterns are totally cemented into our system. Although this is a fact, the good news according to some recent brain related studies is that we can grow new healthy thought patterns within our minds and uproot the negative, toxic ones.

What is memory?

Our brain is one of the most complex structures in the whole world. It is mainly made up of glial cells and neurons and has up to 100 to 500 trillion synapse or connections. Scientists say, our brains are ‘neuro plastic’ and ‘neurogenesis’ – which means they can reorganize and grow new cells daily.

Memory can be defined as ‘the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained, especially, through associative mechanisms’.

Our thoughts are formed through the information that we collect through our senses, namely, hearing, tasting, seeing, feeling and smelling. It is said, smell has greater power to evoke strong emotions, as it is 10,000 times more sensitive than taste.

Thoughts move down neural pathways, releasing chemical components that are called ‘molecules of emotions,’ because, these chemicals literally carry emotions and cause thoughts to grow.

Further, memories are not only stored in the brain; they are stored throughout the body.

It is the neurons that store up information and transport thoughts, feelings and memories. In other words, every thought has a memory with information and emotion embedded into it.

Positive words

All this show that, if we are to lead a healthy and successful life, we need to take charge of our thoughts. We need to replace negative thoughts and toxic memories with positive thoughts and healthy memories.

One way to control our thought life is by using words carefully and productively.

Words have electromagnetic forces that cause lasting changes, both, in the receiver and the releaser. Research has shown that hurtful words affect the same area of the brain as a broken bone or a physical injury.

Negative words

A majority of the time, we allow careless and offensive words of others to affect our lives and health. We tend to speak or repeat the negative words spoken, by rehearsing, reviving and mediating on the offensive words.

Do not accept offence that comes from others. Do not take the bait of offence because it is a trap.

People tend to hurt others with words, because they carry similar hurts within them.

Refuse to accept the first wave of feeling that offence brings your way. Analyze the words and thoughts, whether they are worthy to be remembered and whether they would help you or not.

Do not receive negative, destructive, demoralizing words from others or through your own self-talk. Reject them from your mind; delete them from your memory system by refusing to muse over them.

Do not fight thoughts with thoughts. Rather, fight thoughts with positive and beautiful words of love.


Accept facts. Do not unduly pressurize yourself by trying to be perfect one hundred percent of the time. Do not expect people to treat you fair and just all the time.

Do not assume that people would help or rally round you always. It is human nature to falter and make mistakes.

Communities of people might offend and hurt you. But, give them the benefit of the doubt. Forgive them and move on with life.

Believe in truth. The truth is that you were born to make a difference in this world. You were born a winner, with a dream inside you. Take charge of that dream. Do not allow fear to hold you back from attempting the great destinies for which you were created.

Reprogram your thought pattern by speaking positive words about life and others because you are an incredible human being with a unique mandate to make this world a better place for all of us, now, and for generations to come!

The writer is an HRD & Business Psychology Practitioner