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Letters to the Editor

Vaga Sangramaya, a pragmatic decision

President Maithripala Sirisena’s decision to cultivate all neglected lands either state or private to make them cultivable and productive to boost the national economy and to build a prosperous country for the future generation is praiseworthy. His landmark initiative would definitely bring economic and agricultural prosperity to the country without any doubts.

His pragmatic decision will be taken under Vaga Sangramaya Programme to be launched next month to increase food production.

Under this programme the private land owners whose lands hitherto are barren will have to be cultivated precisely.

There are plenty of private lands lying unattended and uncultivated across the country which are not useful to anyone.

I hope under this programme the Government Agents and Divisional Secretaries of every district will be empowered and instructed to carry on with this task successfully to cultivate every inch of land in the country to boost the national economy.

I salute the president’s visionary and pragmatic endeavour to help prosper our country’s economy by promoting agriculture.

Z. A. M. Shukoor



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