At the bottom of the sea | Sunday Observer

At the bottom of the sea

I like to read about uncommon sea creatures that live in the bottom of the sea. I want to explore the sea world some day. I would join a Divers’ Club and practise diving with my friends. I would wear a diving suit. I would look funny.

I would dive into the waters near Colombo. I would also explore the coral reefs in Hikkaduwa. I would look out ship wrecks at the bottom of the sea.

The sea is home to all kinds of sea creatures. Some look very dangerous indeed! Sea horses, jelly fish, star fish, sea anemones, octopuses and sea urchins are amazing. I would like to see most of the sea creatures that I have seen in books before.


Anuhas Vihanga Jayasekara,

Grade 4,

Lyceum International School,



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