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My grandfather

My grandfather’s name is Sumathipala Vidanapathirana. He was a former principal as well as a planter. He died in 2006. I was born in 2008. So I missed him. Even though I have never met him, I have heard of good things from relatives. He was a strict yet kind gentleman. He spent his money on a lot of meritorious work. I’m extremely proud of him.

If I was lucky to meet him, I would have learnt a lot of things from him. Most importantly he has left behind a cupboard full of books for me. I have read a lot of story books from the cupboard. During the vacation, I found a book on King Dutugemunu. It is an interesting book. I feel that my grandfather loves me a lot, without even meeting me. I’m a lucky girl to have had a grandfather like him.


Lakithi Yahasara Vidanapathirana,

Grade 4,

Sanghamitta Girls’ College, Galle.


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