New Constitution: Steering Committee interim report to be tabled | Sunday Observer

New Constitution: Steering Committee interim report to be tabled

The country and all political contenders will know what precisely the new Constitution is, when the reports of the Steering Committee and the other six sub-committees are released to the public after the Constitutional Assembly (CA) sitting next Thursday, September 21 and the discussions that will follow, TNA spokesman M. Sumanthiran MP told the Sunday Observer.

He said so, when asked for his comments on his earlier statement that the TNA will campaign for the new constitution among the Southern people.

The Constitutional Assembly will sit on September 21 and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will table the interim report of the steering committee which had dealt with six broad areas in relation to the new constitution, Sumanthiran said.

Another six subjects were dealt with by six different sub-committees and those reports were tabled in November last year. After its sitting on Thursday, the CA will hold extensive discussions with all relevant parties on the reports and, thereafter, release the reports to the public, he said.

The new Constitution is a necessity to resolve all outstanding issues and to settle the ethnic issue once and for all, Sumanthiran said, adding that the TNA had managed to ‘keep a certain measure of consensus unto now’ in this process. With the release of the interim report, the TNA will hold detailed discussions to arrive at a final consensus, he said.