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A great day for Ashan and sesath

Ashan Silva and Pramuka Sesath won the Best Driver and Best Rider Awards at AMG Speed @ Night racing meet - 2017.

To win the best drivers award Ashan Silva drove his Mitsubishi Evolution 2000 in the Group SL-GT cars up to 3500cc in grand style to win race one and two comfortably. This event saw India’s Gaurav Gill the champion driver and Asian Rally driver in action against Sri Lanka’s top driver in this class. With Ashan in Pole position and Gill in second grid were off to a flying start. But it was local boy who took the lead from the word go and Gill chasing Ashan until the end.

Gill’s all efforts were dashed when Ashan kept on moving to increase the lead what he got from the start in race one. He finished the race as the first runner up, while Manish Goonetilleke ended as the second runner up to Ashan. The second race saw Gill not present at the starting point. Here too it was Ashan who made a fine start and ended the race as the winner to accumulate the highest number of points for Sri Lanka Super Series Championship 2017.

In the first race which was a highly competitive among other driver in the calibre of Janaka Dias, Abeeth Dangalle, Tyronne Hendawitharane and Sajaad Zuhair. The unexpected happened in the fifth when

Tyronne’s car spunged on the track and Janaka who was behind him having no time to avoid the accident which put both out of the race. Though this was a major incident the drivers were safe but the cars were badly damaged.

These damages put the two driver s out race two. In the Group –SL Formula McLarens cars it was Bryan Perera who stole the limelight winning race one and two to be the best driver in this class.

Though he was in front through out the race Chandima Gunaratne was seen trying his best to go past Bryan. But Byran with other ideas never made any mistakes to allow Chandima to go ahead of him.

The Formula event Group SL- Formula McLarens Carburator 1300 class saw young Kushan Peiris who entered this class for the first time record a fine victory. Kushan who has clocked the best time the previous day was on pole position was off to flyer to take the much needed lead and maintained it throughout race to be the worthy winner in this class. He was followed by

Randika Niroshan and Tharindu Dharmaratene.

Group –SL- N Ford Laser/ Mazda 1500cc class saw a battle between a father and son Susantha Gunewardena and his son Shenal battling for supremacy in this event. Susantha the elder got a good start followed by his son.

Though they fought a good battle father was slightly ahead and received the checkered flag to be the winner.

Sumanapala Mannapperuma at the age of 74 years the oldest driver to compete at this meet was placed second runner up in the Group A Cars up to 1050 category. He was cheered by the crowd throughout the race for his courage to challenge the young drivers.

Michael Wijesuriya won this event and the first runner up in this event was Sithara Pieris.

The other drivers who recorded victories on this track were Irfan Fuard in Group SL-H cars up to 1618cc, Niel Werasinghe in the Group Mini cars up to 1275cc, Ajith Keerthi in the SL-A Mini 7, Zakir Wahab in Group SL-S cars up to 1500cc, Malinda Gunesekera, in the Group SL-H cars Subaru Legacy up to 2000cc and Sapna Weerasuriya in the Group SL-E cars Nissan March.

The other riders who won their respective events are Kasun Danushka Sudasinghe, SM Supermoto Motorcyles 100-125cc (2T) and over 250cc (4/T), Udana Perera, Group –M Std. Motorcycles up to 125cc, Suraj Perera in the Supermoto Open 125 to 500cc(2T) and 250 up to 750cc (4T), Lathika Shamal in the Group MStd/Mod Motorcycles over 175 and up to250cc (4T) and S. Harrish in the Kawasaki Tracker 250cc – Special Club event.

The AMG Speed @ Night Motor racing meet was organized and conducted by Colombo Motor Sports Club and Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders.

This super class meet which also became the first ever Day Night race meet attracted an unprecedented crowd of over 20,000 for on this day to show their gratitude to the organizers of the meet. McLarens Group’s Mobil and Kia Motors were the sponsors for the meet.


Group – O Standard Motorcycles up to 125cc (4) Mono Cylinder

1. Hansika Abeysinghe, 2. Shran Samuel, 3. W.A.D. Chandimal

Group SM – Supermoto Motorcycles 100 up to 125cc (2T) & over 175 to 250cc (4T)

1. Kasun Dhanushka Sudasinghe, 2. Sangeeth Suriyage, 3. W.M. Nimesh Sandaruwan

Group – O Std. Motorcycles over 125cc up to 160cc (4T) Mono Cylinder – 1. Hansika Abeysinghe, 2. Vinula Pthirage, 3. Nikila Pathuirage

Group – SL F Formula McLarens 4 EFI 1300cc –

1. Bryan Perera, 2. Chandima

Guneratne, 3. Andrew Choksy

Group –M Std. Motorcycles up to 125cc (2T) –

1. Udana Perera, 2. Mohamed

Shazan, 3. Ganeshan Vijayakumar

Group – SM Supermoto Open 125to 500cc (2T) & 250cc up to 750cc (4T)

1.Suraj Perera, 2. Kavindu Dushan Mudalige, 3. Sangeeth Suriyage

Group – SLF Formula McLarens – Carburator 1300cc –

1. Kushan Pieris, 2. Randika Niroshan, 3.Tharindu Dharmaratne

Group – M Std. Motorcycles over 175cc up to 250cc (4T) –

1.Lathika Shamal, 2. Sheron Fernando, 3. Heshan Pasindu

Group –Kawasaki Tracker 250cc – Special Club Event – 1. S. Harrish, 2. Kanishka Danuka, 3. M. Rizvi

Group – M Std. Super Sports Motorcycles Open over 250cc (4T)

1. Pramuka Sesath, 2. Lathika Shamal, 3. Chaminda de Silva

Group – SL formula 4 EFI 1300cc

1. Bryan Perera, 2. Chaminda Guneratne, 3. Andrew Choksy

Group SL- GT Cars up to 3500cc – 1. Ashan Silva, 2. Gaurav Gill, 3.. Manish Goonetilleke

Group- E Mini Cars 1275cc

1. Niel Weerasinghe, Duminda Jayasinghe, 3. Chanaka Ratnayake

Group- SLE Cars Nissan March 1000cc –

1. Sapna Weerasekera, 2. W.A..L.L.

Narada, 3. Binara Panduwawala

Group SL- A cars Mini – 7

1. Ajith Keerthi, 2. Namal Silvam, 3. B.J. Suresh Kumar

Group - SL-H Cars up to 1618cc

1. Irfan fuard, 2. Zakir Wahab, 3. Gihan Dheerasekera

Group SL- Ford Laser/Mazda 1500cc

1. Susantha Gunewardene, 2. Shenal Gunewardene, 3. Randika Niroshan

Group –A cars up to 1050cc

1. Michael Wijesuriya, 2. Sithara Peiris, 3. S. Mannapperuma

Group –S cars up to 1500cc

1. Zaazkir Wahab, 2. Gihan Dheerasekera, 3. Rangana Budawatta

Group SL-H cars Subaru Legacy up to 2000cc

1. Malinda Gunesekera, 2. Malika Kuruwitaarachchi, 3.Buddika Ruklantha

Group –SL-N ford Laser/ Mazda 1300cc

1. Shenal Gunewardene, 2. Imesh Silva, 3. Romesh Goonewardene

Group SL-GT cars up to 3500cc 1. Ashan Silva, 2. Sajaad Zuhair, 3. Manish Goonetilleke