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Evon, Ashan top stars at ‘Walawa Supercross’

The seventh edition of the Walawa Supercross - 2017 held at the ‘Craftsman’ Autodrome, Sevangala saw Ashan Silva become the Champion Driver while young Evon Biyage Gurusinghe won the Best Rider’s title in great style.

Ashan who has already has collected the required points for the national championship driver’s title for the year 2017. The Challenge Trophy awarded for the first time in Memory of veteran Super Motard rider late Ananda Wedisinghe was awarded to Imal Manchanayake who Supermoto Open Race one 1 and being the runner up in the second race.

Ashan driving his Mitsubshi Evo in the SL-GT up to 3500 class was on second grid behind young Kushan Peiris and they were off to a flyer with Kushan in front.

Ashan chasing behind got the opportunity to go past Kushan at the third corner maintained the lead throughout the race to be the winner.

Kushan and Pasindu Peiris were the runners up to Ashan in this event.The second race in the same group saw a big tussle for supremacy between three drivers. Ashan who was on pole position in this race took full control of the race from the start and finished as winner again. Kushan and Pasindu was engaged in a stiff competition, but the unexpected happened when

Kushan’s car went off the track. Courageously he came back to the race but could not continue as the vehicle encountered a technical problem and Kushan withdrew from the track. Pasindu and Irshaq Wahab finished as runners up.

The Ford Laser/Mazda 1300 event was evenly contested by veteran in this Upulwan Serasinghe and Kushan Peiris. Kushan got passed the veteran in the second lap and made no mistakes to give the other drivers to go past him until the finish. Nishantha and Upulwan finished as runners up respectively. The second race of the same class saw Upulwan win as he did not have stiff opposition from other drivers as Kushan withdrew from the race due to technical problems of the vehicle.

Pasindu Peiris who was driving faster cars in the past was seen driving a Toyota Vitz in the Group SL-A Modified cars up to 1050cc but failed to beat the more experience Ajith Keerthi in this class.

The other driver to register victories are Chamika Rantunga cars upto 1000cc, Neil Weerasinghe in Group SL-E cars1275cc, K. Parameshwaran in Group SlA cars Mini and Malika Kuruwitaarachchivin Group SL-H Subaru legacy.

Nihal Wijeratne representing the Sri Lanka Army was in good form and went on two wins in the Group M-Street Trail Bikes class meant for Servicemen. Buddika Kasun Silva too came up with a fine performance to win both events of the Group MX 125 – Racing Class.

Young Shanuka Brother of Gayan Sandaruwan following his brother’s footsteps recorded a win and was placed second in the Group MX Bikes up to 250cc Category.

The event for age group 5-10 was dominated by Ratnayake brothers Minuka and Rivinu throughout the race. It was only Esala Madanayake who was seen challenging the Ratnayakes.

Uddika Srimal Malavige who was out of the track some was back on the track and proved that he is still in good form by winning the Group SM - Supermoto Open Class race 2 ahead of Imal Manchanayake the Champion rider.

Over 30000 spectators were able to witness great racing at Sevangala.


Group SL - E Cars up to 1000cc

1. Chamika Ranathunga, 2. Dulip Palliyaguru, 3. Maanjula Wijesinghe

Group - M Street trail 125 (2/T) (Defense Services Event)

1. Nihal Wijeratne, 2. Nilanka Mawella, 3. Kasun Wijesekera,

Group - M Street trail 125 (2/T)

1. Nihal Wijeratne, 2. Nilanka Mawella, 3. Kasun Wijesekera

Group - S MX 85 Motor Cycles over 65 up to 85cc (2/T)

1. Gagana Fernando, 2. Nisala Malinda Jayasundera, 3. Demitha Jayawardene

Group SL- N Ford Laser/Mazda 1300cc

1. Kushan Peiris, 2. Nishantha Senadeera, 3. Upulwan Serasinghe

Group – MX 125 Racing Motorcross Bikes up to 125cc (2/T)

1. Buddika Kasun Silva, 2. Lahiru Jeewantha, 3. Indika Basnayake

Group SL- E Cars up to 1275cc – Mini

1. Neil Weerasinghe, 2. Lt. Col. Duminda Jayasinghe, 3. Chanaka Ratnayake

Group J MX 50 Moto Cycles up to 50cc (5-10 years)

1.Minuka Ratnayake, 2. Rivina Ratnayake, 3. Esala Madanayake

Group SL-A Modified Cars up to 1050cc

1. Ajith Keerthi, 2. Pasindu Peiris, 3. S.D. Samarasinghe

Group M – Street Trail 250 Motor Cycles over 100 up to 125cc (2/T) & over 175 upto 250cc (4/T) Race 1

1. Evon Biyage Gurusinghe, 2. Shanuka Sandaruwan, 3. Madura Peiris

Group J MX 85 Moto Cycles over 65 up to 85cc (2/T) 100cc up to 150cc (4/T)*

1. Vinushka Silva, 2. Banuka Ratnayake, 3. Stephen Fernando

Group SL-GT Cars up to 3500cc

1. Ashan Silva, 2. Kushan Peiris, 3. Pasindu Peiris

Group MX 125- Racing Motor cycles up to 125cc (2/T)

1. Buddika Kasun Silva, 2.Lahiru Jeewantha, 3. Binula Kithalagama

Group T & J Diesel up to 5500cc* Turbo

1. Irshaq Wahab, 2. W. Priyantha, 3. Lt. Col. Mahinda Weerakoon

Group SM- Supermoto Open (Race 1)

1. Imal Manchanayake, 2. Sachira Rajakaruna, 3. Deshan Solanki

Group SL-A Cars Mini 7

1. K. Parameshwaran, 2. W.W.S. Thisara, 3. Ajith Keerthi

Group –MX 250 - Racing Motor Cycles up to 250cc (Race 1)

1. Gayan Sandaruwan, 2. Evon Biyage Gurusinghe, 3. Jacques gunewardene

Group SL - H Subaru Legacy up to 2200

1. Malika Kuruwitaarachchi, 2. Naveen Halwathura, 3.Buddika Ruklantha

Group - M Street Trail 250 Motor Cycles over 100 upto 125cc (2/T)

1. Shanuka Sandaruwan, 2. Lahiru Jeewantha, 3. EvonBiyage Gurusinghe

Group SL - N Ford Laser/Mazda 1500cc

1. Upulwan Serasinghe, 2. Tharindu Dharmaratne, 3. Dammika Godage

Group SM Supermoto Open (Race 2)

1. Udika Srimal Malavige, 2. Imal Manchanayake, 3. Sachir Rajakaruna

Group T&J Open

1. Irshaq Wahab,2. W. Priyantha, 3. Lt. Col. Duminda Jayasinghe

Group SL-GT Cars up to 3500cc (Race 2)

1. Ashan Silva, 2. Pasindu Peiris, 3. Irshaq Wahab

Group – MX 250 racing Motor Cycles up to 250cc (Race 2)

1.Evon Biyage Gurusinghe, 2. Gayan Sandaruwan, 3. Jacques Gunewardene

Best Driver: Ashan Silva

Best Rider: Evon Biyage Gurusinghe

Ananda Wedisinghe Memorial Challenge Trophy: Imal Manchanayake