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Seylan Bank launches Children’s Month

Seylan Bank with its Seylan Tikiri children’s savings account will celebrate Seylan Children’s Month to mark World Children’s Day, with a host of events, coupled with attractive gifts schemes planned across the Bank’s islandwide branch network.

Tikiri account holders can enjoy savings at a range of stores and through online portals.

Head of Marketing and Sales at Seylan Bank, Gamika de Silva said, “This is the fourth consecutive year Seylan Tikiri has come forward with a plethora of gifts and promotions to lead World Children’s Month.”

“Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month was not only conceptualised to provide excitement and joy but also the right platform for children to have stronger associations with other children and their families and mostly to inculcate them on financial set-ups in a friendly manner. When they grow up they will have the knowledge and the financial backing to fulfill their life goals,” he said.

“The World Children’s Month also enables Seylan Tikiri to further reach out to a wider audience thus empower other children to join and experience the celebrations of Seylan World Children’s month and become a part of our Tikiri Family.

As a bank with the heart, we are committed to ensuring our Tikiri account holders are on the right platform by providing the necessary banking support to help them to pursue their big dreams,” de Silva said.

Seylan Bank was one of the first banks to introduce the concept of Seylan Tikiri Children’s Month, where celebrations spanned the entire month of October with a multitude of engaging activities, thus creating noteworthy memories among Tikiri account holders. This year, the Bank has partnered with over 18 leading merchants islandwide to offer a range of discounts up to 50% along with ample savings on toys, health care products, bicycles, books, stationery, and baby care products, the bank said in a press release.

Seylan Tikiri, having empowered thousands of kids across the island with its innovative engagement initiatives also envisions to create better entrepreneurs by enabling kids with good life ethics and self-development, and other advocacy support needed to sustain in the modern society.

With activities customised as per branch network to better suit customer needs and diversifications, the Seylan World Children’s Month will be celebrated throughout the month of October by conducting various types of activities such as Tikiri pola, art competition, kite festival, Tikiri carnival, educational tour, and children’s banking day. 


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