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How I spent my vacation

During my second term vacation I did a lot of things because it was very long, and I had enough time to enjoy. I cleaned my bedroom and the study room on the first day of my vacation, and prepared a time table to manage my time effectively. I helped my mother to cook most of the days. Also, I arranged and cleaned our home and garden with my father, mother and brother.

We did the most enjoyable thing in the middle of the vacation. We went to our grandparents’ house in Wennappuwa. We did a lot of enjoyable things there. I flew kites on the beach with my grandfather. My grandmother prepared delicious curries such as ‘polos ambula’ for us, and she kept me and my brother on her lap and told us stories of her golden days.

I felt very sad on the last day of my vacation, but I will never forget the sweet memories and new experiences I got from this vacation.

Isum Damsilu Jayawardhana,

Grade 9,

Sri Dharmaloka Central College,




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