Sri Lanka celebrates Teachers’ Day on Oct. 6 | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka celebrates Teachers’ Day on Oct. 6

Grand celebrations were held across schools. Students prepared special events for their teachers to appreciate their work. They organized performances or special parties for their teachers. Teachers’ Day is celebrated in honour of all teachers who perform a great service to the society. They help children gain new knowledge and skills which are needed to be successful in life. Teachers work tirelessly to make students become respectable citizens.

The celebration is a way to show their gratitude for the valuable service provided by them.

Teachers’ Day has been celebrated in India since September 5, 1962.

It was first observed on a request by students and friends on the birthday of former President of India and a scholar Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishan. You can make your teachers feel special by writing a poem on them.

A ‘Thank You’ note or a letter appreciating the efforts of your teachers is ideal to make them feel how important they have been in your life.


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