Implement action plans to reap benefits - Susil | Sunday Observer

Implement action plans to reap benefits - Susil

Lack of futuristic integrated planning has been identified as a drawback in implementing the government’s action plans. This was highlighted at a discussion forum on Science, Technology and Innovation held recently in Colombo.

“The government needs to accelerate the action plans taken to develop the country. However, having plans alone will not be sufficient. We need to implement action plans to reap the benefit of the strategies laid down,” Minister of Science, Technology and Research, Susil Premjayantha said. The inability to take action is a common enemy that prevails in the administration system of the country. We could get the support of new communication technology which offers new thinking in this regard, he said.

The government has the responsibility of providing jobs for the people. However, unemployment among the youth is growing at present.

There needs to be innovative thinking among the youth and the administrative system for job creation which will help in job generation.

It is necessary to transform agriculture, the rural economy, education, economic investment and the administrative system for better performance. Lack of effective planning has been a big drawback in this regard, the Minister said.

“Professionals have a major role to play in the country’s development process. They need to conduct issue based discussions at conference level, write evidence based papers, make representations, set examples of best practices and promote right policies, actions and values of public administration,” he said.

The Minister stressed that among the qualities that good governance is based on are objectivity, performance, accountability, meritocracy, transparency, responsiveness, participation, respect for human rights, enriching environment and pursuing sustainability. The country needs to improve on the situation.

Commenting that Sri Lanka is the only country that has a special ministry to monitor Sustainable Development Goals, the Minister said that constitutional and legal action should support the process of achieving the goals.