‘Snake bites kill 400 annually’ | Sunday Observer

‘Snake bites kill 400 annually’

According to a recent survey conducted by the Medical Faculty, Ragama Hospital, it has been revealed that about 80,000 Sri Lankans are annually bitten by venomous snakes, and of them, around 400 die, annually. Dr Kalana Maduwage, Senior Lecturer, Medical Faculty, Peradeniya University, speaking to the media, said, this number could be more, as certain deaths are not properly recorded, stating the cause of death.

Among the five most venomous snakes in Sri Lanka, the viper, cobra, telkarawala, spotted viper and kuna katuwa are well known, Dr Maduwage pointed out.

He confirmed that a new scientific methodology has been discovered and developed to establish whether the venom of the snake is contained in the blood of the snake-bitten patient .

A M. Premaratne, a senior school head in the Kurunegala District expressing his views to the Sunday Observer said, people in remote areas in the country are still unaware of first-aid treatment with regard to snake-bites.

He said, the student community too has to be enlightened by the health authorities on the possible first-aid treatment with regard to such fatal accidents.

About 28 children of school going age in both, the Kurunegala and Puttalam Districts of the NWP were reported to have been stung by venomous snakes last year, and eight of them had died due to non-availability of prompt medical treatment, Premaratne added.