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A bouquet to the Appointed and another to the Appointee

Does this feline sound puzzling? Playing word games on this bright Sunday morning after all the monsoon and cyclonic rain? Well, read on and get the answers to ‘Appointed’ and ‘Appointee’!

Great Son of Sri Lanka

Indrajit Coommaraswamy was felicitated at Global Capital Markets Awards ceremony in Washington DC on the sidelines of the World Bank-IMF Annual meetings. The article dedicated to the award on the global capital website has been titled ‘Cool, calm and collected approach to central banking’. In the article the Central Bank Governor has said: “We are… creating the robust macroeconomic fundamentals necessary for accelerating growth and employment generation.”

The 30-year-old Global Capital is a leading news, opinion and data service for people and institutions using and working in the international capital markets.

Following are excerpts of the article in Global Capital written by Elliot Wilson.

“South Asia is awash with highly capable central bank chiefs, yet Indrajit Coomaraswamy fully deserves this award for his unstinting professionalism and for ushering his country through some choppy waters over the past year. “Sri Lanka is in a strange position. On the one hand, foreign investment is flooding in as are tourists, with inward arrival numbers at a record high in 2016. Yet on the other hand, this is a highly friable economy struggling to deal with rising national liabilities (its public debt-to-GDP ratio is the highest in the region), a fragile currency and a narrow tax base — though a recently passed bill aimed at simplifying the tax structure and widening the tax base should help to tackle the last of those issues.”

Well, there was much more in that article sent to this cat by a friend, but that’s enough quoting. It is so good to hand over a bouquet for a change, feel proud of a fellow Sri Lankan who is ever such a wonderful person, and so this cat sits back and purrs with pride and pleasure. Such a better feeling than spitting venom! A bouquet of Araliya (no connotation meant to a newly built, garish looking hotel in that Little Bit of Britain in the hills with its laid back houses built in subdued style allowing precedence to flower gardens and exquisite landscapes and forest ranges). Again Menika got carried away by her verbosity. The second bouquet is to President Sirisena for selecting and almost having to coax Mr Coomaraswamy to accept the governorship of the Central Bank. We Sri Lankans, cats and all, often forget the good done by high-ups. Maybe this feline jubilance is a cry in the wilderness, for when feting the CB Governor, no one but she, had the grace and remembrance to thank the President for his wise choice. Maybe, some may want to present the Prime Minister a bunch of brambles, meaning thorns, for his choice for Guv, now ready to depart to Singapore if allowed to do so after the ‘scam’.

Cattish Irritations

Why oh why does that ex-tuition master, now one of the vociferous members of the Joint Opposition, annoy this cat when he gets up portentously in Parliament to question on matters economical. True, his subject for tutoring A/L students was Economics, or so we have heard, and he once pompously said, a family of four could well live on Rs 7,000 a month. Some put it down to 2,500, others to 4,500. Be that as it may, all the figures are ridiculous. Even when he made the portentous statement as a Minister of State, he was ridiculous. A family could hardly live on Rs 7,000/- for even a week. This cat has an insane desire to ruffle his hair!! Ohmegosh! Not through affection as mothers do to their children, as lovers do to each other. This cat wants to disturb his perfectly groomed waves! Sorry for being personal but this cat is no cat if she hides her feelings and desires!

Her second irritation is when MPs shout themselves hoarse all together driving the poor Speaker to loudly cry out “Order! Order!” to no avail. Why can’t Members of the August House by the Diyawanne at least imbibe a trace of decorum and good manners from the serene surroundings and be considerate of the age and dignity of the Speaker? The chief of the Jt Op, Dinesh G, who should know better coming from a respected dynasty, shouts equally disrespectfully. Thus, can we be surprised by the stentorian tones adopted by the likes of Wee Wee? Also, why are they shouting so loudly in protest of Namal Putha being conducted to remand prison for leading a protest in Hambantota, storming an office there? The Jt Op questions why, when in their time protestors were permitted a right of the people. They conveniently have amnesia as regards Rathupaswila and forget to end their sentence about Namal Putha. His protest was against, in the face of, in defiance of a Court Order forbidding protest marches that day.

This cat is surprised that Mrs S Weerawansa requests police protection or whatever, banning anything said or insinuated about the young man who so tragically got a heart attack and died in her home of all places! Why worry if his death was certified legal, oops sorry, certified natural. Does his tragic ghost appear to disturb their slumber? Poor poor dears and blame the young buck who dared to die in their abode.

So, covering this feline’s grouses with vicarious rejoicing at the praise given to our Central Bank Governor, reflecting on the President for his wise choice, we return to our sofa to purr away.