Karate! | Sunday Observer


22 October, 2017

Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom. It developed from the indigenous Ryukyuan martial arts under the influence of Chinese martial arts. Karate is now predominantly a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes.

Historically, and in some modern styles, grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital point strikes are also taught. A karate practitioner is called a Karateka. S.M. Tharushi Sewmini Sampaya is a junior karateka who excels in karate. She won the first place at the South Asian Karate Championship which was held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo recently. Junior Observer interviewed Tharushi to get to know her and her achievements in karate.


Question: Tell me something about yourself?

Answer: My name is S.M. Tharushi Sewmini Sampaya. I study in Grade 10 at Visakha Balika Vidyalaya, Sapugaskanda. My father is S.M. Sisira Ruwan Sampaya and my mother is W.A. Udayanthi Ranathunga. They help and encourage me a lot in doing karate. I got the opportunity to travel to many countries such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia to participate in various championships.

Q: Tell me about your interest in karate?

A: I started learning karate in 2009. My father is the one who encouraged and motivated me to do it. At the beginning he said that it will help me in self-defence. Now I am really very interested in and like it very much. I feel that it will really help me in self-defence in the future.

Q: What are your achievements in karate?

A: I have many. In 2012, I won the first place in the Milo Championship which was held in Malaysia. In 2015, I won the third place at the Commonwealth Karate Championship in India, in 2016 I won third place at the South Asian Karate Championship in India and the fifth place at the Asian Karate Championship in Indonesia. Recently I won first place in Kata and the second place in Kumite at the South Asian Karate Championship which was held in Sri Lanka. It was hosted by Sri Lanka Karatedo Federation under the Ministry of Sports.

Q: What do you feel about your achievements?

A: It is my dream to achieve in karate. I feel happy about my achievements. I practise very hard.

Q: Who helps you in achieving your goals?

A: My father helps me in achieving my goals. He is my strength and power. My coaches, Mahesh Chandra Kumara, Sanjeewa Senanayaka and my National Pool coach, Kalyana are my motivators. They guide me in the correct path by giving me proper training.

Q: What are your leisure time activities?

A: During my leisure time I practise karate and I read books as well. I balance both, doing karate and my academic activities.

Q: What is your ambition?

A: I have two ambitions in life. I desire to become a doctor and also to participate in karate at the Olympics in 2020.