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Newspapers have become an indispensable feature of modern life. To many people indeed the morning newspaper is as necessary as their breakfast. The news of the day gathered from all parts of the world is served to us every morning by the newspaper. The very word news stands for North, East, West and South.

Sri Lanka is fortunate to have a well informed, modern press producing several newspapers in English, Sinhala and Tamil .A news reporter must be able to obtain news and write it in a soulful and interesting style. The general control of a newspaper is in the hands of the Editor. He has a certain number of pages and he has to fill these up with printed matter such as news, advertisements, pictures and special articles. Newspapers can be regarded as the watch dog of the nation. Therefore it should be impartial, thruthful and fearless. It must use its unlimited powers and freedom for the good of the nation.


R.M. Vihaga Rashmitha

Grade 10 CP/ G/ Madipola M.V.