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The saga of the Tattoo

So we all remember the big brouhaha regarding this lady who was nabbed with a Tattoo of the Lord Buddha on her arm, no? Imagine the irony, when a white lady is caught for professing her faith and Tattooing the image of the Buddha in reverence and respect. Ah yes, she was a practising Buddhist, who came down to meditate and our Jhonnys decide to take her to the police station as she was walking out of the airport. Remember the scenario, no? Three days at the Mirihana detention camp was her prize and then a million apologies from the Government. But that’s not really the issue. The arrest was highlighted in all international media, who made sure to tell the world how our Bodu Bala Sena type goons were actually behaving. The world got a super lecture on how mundane our Paradisians can be.

Anyway, so Siripala knows that the lady filed a Fundamental Rights petition in the court that is supposed to be Supreme. When was this? Ah yes, back in the day in 2014. So, the case was heard and argued and judgment was to be delivered when one of those seated in a red gown decided to retire. Pat came the direction of everything that is wrong with Paradisians’ court system- “ re argue the case”. And for years and years, the case was postponed. Why? Because the “bench was not properly constituted”. Aise, you tell a tea shop owner to make sure three people are there on a given day, and he would tell the buggers, “come ah, if not we won’t be able to get this done” right? But no, in our complicated world of legal jargon and process, the Court that is Supreme couldn’t get three people to sit on the same day to hear this case, for three years? How is that even possible, a normal godey Siripala would ask no? But, this Siripala isn’t godey. He is sophisticated to know what a mess the court system is, really. Anyway, they finally got the three to sit together and heard the case two weeks ago.

And he can’t help laughing each time nonsense like “justice delayed is justice denied”, “ our court system is a very vibrant one” etc being said. Aise, if this was the fate and the failure of the highest court in the land in a case which made international headlines, what of the process for a person named Siripala in a Magistrate’s Court, men? . Day in and day out, he would be running around paying money to the black coats who seem an integral part of the system and wondering to himself “ machang mata therenne nehe bung, what is happening I don’t know”. That’s a good dose of justice for him and for this country. Pick anyone at random who has walked into a courthouse, and Siripala guarantees not a single person would be like “ wow, that really was justice ah”. Not one!

Mara Di- Nesh and the bull

So Mara and his cohorts tried to prove a point no, that day. Haiyo, at this old age. Can you believe the gumption of the man? to ride a bicycle while the security guys were running behind him. And not to be outdone, the entourage in the vehicles were also right behind them. Tsk tsk. This was how they decided to show the poor man’s plight, ah.

But a lot has been said about that and I don’t think Siripala needs to elaborate on them, at all. But, what do you think was not said?

Our Communist Comrades Royal College son’s little Bullock car jaunt in it? Dee- Nesh was to take a bullock cart with three others to Parliament on the day of the Budget. Now, its a different matter that the son has lost everything of the ideals of equality and justice the Boralugoda walawwa stood for. Instead, ideologically the man is a hypocrite at best and a chauvinist at worst.

But, what other occasion there was to see what a mess the man has made of himself and the walawwa than his jaunt on the Bullock cart ah? Three peasants taking their Hamu Mahaththayas to the Bungalow was all we could see. There was nothing symbolic about it right? Three innocent sarong clad Jhonnies running around the Bull to make sure the Hamu Mahaththayas were having a gala time in their ride to the walawwa was what Sirpala saw, and Siripala knows the discerning of us must have seen it !!!

Poojitha- Karaoke Wasantha actually Kujitha- ed?

Ah, so this was the day to celebrate the life and times and ideals of a true revolutionary hamuduruwo, no. At least, history would be kind to him. From his days in the student uprising in the 70s Hamuduruwo was a revolutionary in spirit, wanting to change the nonsensical and narrow mindset Paradisians are used to look at the world through.

But on the day to celebrate the sage, we had the Prof give an earful to Poojitha. Of course, there has not been a damn thing worthy of the man’s name done to this day, but the good Prof had to point out the one thing that was supposedly good, no?

“ The police must have been in their meditations while the criminals hide during daytime and dine at five star hotels in the night. It must be meditation that has made the Police behave the way it does” he said, slapping the head not once but twice.

Now what many missed was the resurfacing of the photos of Poojitha wining and dining with our well known underworld buddy, Karaoke Wasantha at a five star hotel no. Siripala thinks the Prof was only talking about that, ah. What with Karaoke Wasantha reacting to the photos published on a news website, he spoke raw filth on facebook threatening the news website to come and meet him. You know the same “H.....” words Poojitha used inside the lift? Remember?

But, it was a 180 turn for Poojitha isnt it? After orchestrating the chasing away of the great Anandarajah, who toiled and lived with integrity only to have Poojitha slowly give photos or a birthday party he attended at which a heroin dealer was present. Remember the saga right? Anandarajah in the end left the place with his proud head held low- for all that he had done in the Police service, because Poojitha wanted him out. We can’t forget these things now can we? Karma really is a bitch. Siripala knows that after the saga, Anadarajah was so mentally distraught that to this day he fears speaking about it. The good man should know that the public aren’t as gullible as Poojitha thought we were, but obviously everyone should know better isn’t it? Especially, good ole Pooji.

How could you be seen cutting cakes and putting an arm round Wasantha men? like really. The man who has exploited thousands of girls around Colombo in this sleazy Karaoke Bars which even Siripala won’t step into. Like what moral code does our Chief of the Po Po live by? only God would know.

But the Prof didn’t miss a beat now, did he. Slammed the ball into the rink. What a goal Prof, what a goal!

The Tender folly

Well, the folly was not so Tender was it? Samare decided to tell his buddy, “Machang tender on hold for you ah, run and go and meet so and so and hand the bloody thing fast. Call me if you need any help” haha. Can you believe that the man was so technologically inept that he had no idea how mikes work?

So he said these right in front of all the cameras just before the start of the presser. Covered his mouth and all thought ah, and giving direction to his little Jhonny to run and run and give the tender. What a joker. Could’ve just done it on the side no, like our Penthouse boy did. No one knows, and then you have a million things to say right after. “ I was victimised, it wasn’t me” and all that. Easy way out for Samare but no- he decided to tell his little buddy right in front of the cameras and mikes.

And that was that. Our media boys are second to none when it comes to picking up these stuff, no. Underpaid and overworked they are. Yes. But a good news story hardly beats them. Samare must’ve jumped out of his chair when the recording was played in the evening news no? Not a word about what he said at the Presser and his views on the economy and all that. Who cares about what he has to say about them, men. Paradisians just wanted some proof of what they already know no? and the proof was the pudding- which was the press conference in which Samare says “ ma boy run and run and give it in, this is how we all work in Paradise inn”. 


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