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Celebrating Interact Week 2017 : Service above Self it was…

In celebration of Interact Week 2017, the Interact District Council 3220 through the ever so strong workforce of Interact, organized a series of projects, themed under the Rotary Key Areas of Focus. The projects were of heartwarming magnitude and executed with a flair exclusive to Interact. It was amazing how many clubs came together to honour the name of Interact by doing what the movement solely stands for; Service above Self.

* HYGEIA – Interact Clubs of Ananda and Nalanda College on disease prevention and treatment

On October 28 from 9 am the Interactors in Maroon launched HYGEIA, a large scale mental health awareness camp in the Language Center of Nalanda College, raising timely awareness among a plethora of teenagers. The keynote speaker of the day, Dr.Neil Fernando spoke to the hearts of the youth, in light of effectively combating mental stress and depression. The enthusiasm of the audience bore witness to the effectiveness and timeliness of the project. Having focused on the Rotary Key Area of Disease Prevention and Treatment, the Interact Clubs of Ananda College and Nalanda College took the initiative to counter this crisis in the perspective of mental illnesses and wellbeing, which is mostly overlooked, along with the Interact District Council in celebration of the Interact Week.

* SENATUS – Interact Club of D. S. Senanayake College on peace and conflict resolution

SENATUS revolved itself to discuss the most prominent topics that fall upon the society of the 21st century, those being the issues of Religious Prosecution, Gender Inequality and LGBT rights. The event was held on October 29 at the D.S. Senanayake College Mini Auditorium and focused on allowing each and every participant to express their individual thoughts, opinions, as well as solutions with regard to the motions brought out during debate as stakeholders that determine the future of our society.

Taking individual thoughts and suggestions into consideration the event produced a comprehensive resolution to tackle issues that were discussed within the house and presented to the Chief Guest at the event.

Int. Chaveendra Dunuwille

* Community Health Camp – Interact Club of Sujatha Vidyalaya on disease prevention and treatment

Under the Rotary area of focus of Disease Prevention and Treatment the free medical camp was implemented on October 30 from 9am, at the Sri Bodhiwardane Viharaya located in the village of Awerihena, headed by Dr. Chandana Hettiarachchi, the chief doctor of the accident ward of NHSL. The camp provided free medical advice sessions, laboratory tests, dental check-ups and treatment and free medicine for the less-facilitated. The project was a success, as by the end of it basic health care needs of approximately 250 people were satisfied. It was proven beyond doubt that the project exceeded expectations, giving a great sense of achievement and encouragement to strive to serve the community and the less fortunate, to the Interactors of Sujatha Vidyalaya.

Int. Thenuri De Silva

* Project Petrichor – Visakha Vidyalaya on water and sanitation

Project Petrichor was carried out in three phases.

Phase 1 was a competition open to all aged 14-21, under the categories of essays, poems, drawings, digital art and photography.

The first planting day commenced on October 5 at Diyawanna, Battaramulla. A total of 50 water filtering plants such as, kohomba, kumbuk and savandara that absorb heavy metals and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the soil were planted around the temple premises.

Phase 2 was inaugurated on October 31 with the presence of Youth Services Chairperson Int. Sathyajith Senevirathne and DIR Int. P. P. Mohammed Awoon, with 45 Interactors. The audience was enlightened on the topic of water and sanitation by keynote speakers, Ravindu Wijesinghe, Dr. Dinusha Abeywickrama, and Kanchana Weerakoon as well as a series of informative videos. The project ended with an award ceremony for Phase 1 of Petrichor.

Int. Poorna Senadhipathi

* Espoir – Interact Club of Colombo North

With the objective of initiating engraving scruples and reaching out to the appalling yet unspoken dimension of the society that often goes unheeded, project “Espoir” was carried out on November 2. The drive was to reignite a spark of hope within the unfortunate and oppressed victims of sexual abuse and neglected innocent infants, utterly abandoned and deserted.

The project consisted of II Phases: the first stage was carried out at the Sarvodaya Suwasetha – Headquarters. Providing the girls of Ma Sevana with love, care and recognition, the Interactors of Colombo North donated necessities, including a sewing machine for them to engage in vocational training, being considerate of their status of being deprived of basic privileges as adolescents in society and having psychological, emotional, and physical effects as a survivor.

Phase II was to provide the needful and sponsor a meal at the Sarvodaya Child Nutrition Center, to the little ones who were abandoned too early in life. These children’s (aged 0-3) faces lit up with indescribable joy as the Interactors spent time with them.

The Project concluded successfully with the all-girls club of Colombo North leaving a lasting mark in the hearts of the mothers and children. It was a reminder to Interactors everywhere that the service we do towards our brothers and sisters is not for glorification, but to capture the souls and engrave our names in their hearts.

Int. Isuri Ratnaweera

* Walk of Fame – Interact Club of St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy on peace and conflict resolution

Focusing on Peace and Conflict Prevention, the primary objective of the Interactors of St. Sylvester’s College was to bring the Interactors of different creed and culture under one flag for a walk, and highlight the importance of being united as one, to reach success .

The Walk commenced near the Royal Kandyan Hotel, Peradeniya, on November 5 at 10:30 a.m. ending at the basketball court of St. Sylvester’s College, with the participation of Interactors from both Colombo and Kandy.

To keep up the enthusiasm and stamina of the Interactors of the invited schools special awards were given, such as, “Award for the Best cheerful Interactor”, “School with the highest number of Participants” for the club which brings the most number of Interactors. All these awards and appreciations enhanced the Walk’s success, the message of unity resonating from the Hill Country, that day.

Int. Azman