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My favourite cartoon

My favourite cartoon is Mech-x4. This cartoon is made by Disney Company. Mech-x4 is a robot. Ryan Walker is the pilot of the robot. He has an electric power. There are three members in action in addition to the pilot. Their names are Mark Walker, Spyder and Harris who work as a mechanic, a weapon user and a defender in that order. Their enemies produce attacking monsters who try to destroy the robot. The robot, Mech-x4 crashes on all of the monsters. They could not crash the robot. Inside Mech-x4, there is a lift and stairs to move steps.They have a car also. It is driven by Mark Walker. It can go in the air. I like this cartoon and I enjoy it.


P.W.Pulsika Senuwara

Grade 5,

Rahula Primary College, Matara.


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