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The novel Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter centres on a young, orphaned girl by the same name. Pollyanna’s father dies when she is eleven, and she is sent to live with her late mother’s younger sister, Polly Harrington who lives in a farmhouse in the country.

At the beginning of the novel Polly Harrington takes on the responsibility of adopting Pollyanna only because it is her duty, but she eventually loves Pollyanna. Pollyanna makes friends with Polly Harrington’s maid Nancy who helps her to settle in.

Pollyanna does a lot of good and she finds a home for the orphaned boy Jimmy with John Pendleton who wants to adopt her. Pollyanna unknowingly facilitates the marriage between Aunt Polly and her former lover, Chilton.

Pollyanna is a lovable child who tries to be happy even in difficult circumstances and she brings joy to everyone she meets. She tries to escape the harsh reality of being an orphan by having a positive outlook to life, which is good, but it does not always help. For example, when Pollyanna has serious problems she learns that she has to be realistic and face the problems and overcome them. The novel begins with a tragedy, and explores the life of an orphaned girl and the ordeals she has to endure, but it ends with a happy marriage.


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