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Rangiri Dambulla Resort : A serene oasis with lush vegetation

Dambulla is one of our nation’s topmost tourism destinations. Its strategic location makes it the ideal launching pad, compared to other destinations such as, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Trincomalee. On the Dambulla main road, before entering the main town is a quaint property - the Rangiri Dambulla Resort, nestled on a 13 acre land bestowed with lush vegetation.

Chef Amith

The entrance to the hotel gives the impression of an ancient bungalow, with a large verandah and stone columns. The terraced pathways encircle the entire property, which has 26 accommodation units (19 luxury cottages, 6 chalets and 1 luxury villa). The cottages and chalets are positioned to give each room a view of the enchanting green gardens that are adorned with massive trees. The gardens are home to many species of birds: it is a haven for those interested in bird watching.

The chalets and cottages have comfortable furniture and cozy bedding. Each is named after a star - the clear night skies are perfect to gaze towards the stars.

Walking around the property with manager Amila Somaratne, we come across two gardens. The first is the vegetable and spice garden. It is noteworthy that almost 90% of the vegetables served on the menu are grown here using natural methods of cultivation.

Guests have a unique experience: you can walk into the garden and pick what you want in your salad bowl or pluck your desired vegetables, and Chef Amith will prepare it for you.

Speaking about traditional cuisine, Chef Amith delivers some of the finest curries, beautifully made with local ingredients. The entire dining experience here has an aura of freshness and captures the true essence of Sri Lankan cuisine. Dinner takes the form of a buffet where Eastern and Western dishes, supplemented by sweet sensations become part of your indulgence.

The Hotel has a bicycle rental where bikes can be taken by resident guests, to ride and enjoy the serene views. The megalithic burial site of Ibbankkatuwa, located nearby is a site that must be visited.

The Hotel’s second garden is based on Ayurveda herbs: each plant described in detail along with its medicinal values and curing ability. The Hotel hopes to set up a spa in the near future.

An early morning walk in the vast gardens will rejuvenate the guest’s mind.

The resort is a serene oasis in Dambulla, and offers a relaxing stay.