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Restaurant review : The Grill @ Kingsbury

Friday nights are good to go out and enjoy a meal. As someone said, “A little bit of indulgence now and then, is cherished by the wisest of men”! Having had various kinds of buffets and ethnic cuisine it was time to indulge in a steak dinner. The Grill located on the lobby level with a splendid view of the ocean was my choice. The dulcet red lights added a very nice aura to the interior, with the light beams resonating off the glass windows. The table setting provides each table with an ocean view. The distant lights of the Port City project could be seen. My beverage for the evening was a kiwi and green apple juice, presented in a refreshing light green blend.

The menu was presented, and I noticed it had a button which when pressed lights up the menu card, a really fine innovation. The duck and vegetable spring rolls seemed a lovely appetizer. It isn’t often that duck is used these days. The rolls turned out to be excellent, served on a wooden board with a salad. The menu had a decent choice of steaks to choose from: imported Angus T-bone steak, strip loin and rib eye. Angus is a prime brand of beef from the Angus cattle, originally bred from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The hallmark of this meat is the fat marbling, which when cooked releases an intense and juicy flavour to the steak.

It was interesting to observe a Josper charcoal oven, through the glass pane of the show kitchen. This oven cooks in a refined manner. I opted for the T-bone and it was well done. The zucchini, broccoli and red capsicum were nicely layered on top of the steak. A steak must always sustain its juice and be tender when cutting- and this was successfully achieved here. The gravy and mash potatoes were served in their own ceramic dishes.

Steak and potatoes were common in Texas, where I enjoyed them for three years. Thus, this night was laden with some happy culinary flashbacks. The menu also had chicken, pork and seafood options. Another area the Sri Lankan gourmets need to improve is ordering and pairing the “right” wines with their prime cut of meat. Wine by the glass is a refined accompaniment to a steak dinner.

The Grill has a sommelier (professional wine waiter) to make such recommendations. After a satisfying steak dinner, dessert is a strategic choice to make- and I ordered a coffee and walnut cake. The cake was nice but mildly dry. The venue provides a relaxing aura to unwind and dine while engaging in jovial conversation.