Govt SLFP members hail budget | Sunday Observer

Govt SLFP members hail budget

The SLFP members in the National Unity Government yesterday hailed the manner in which Budget 2018 has been formulated without causing any harm to the policies of either party.

Participating in the Second Reading of Budget 2018, Labour and Trade Union Relations Minister W.D.J. Seneviratne told Parliament that the Budget has made an in-depth analysis to achieve the set development targets and taken into consideration all key economic sectors.

“If the Budget presented with a far-sighted vision, ensures economic development and passes benefits to the people, it would be a massive victory achieved by those who contributed to form the National Unity Government,” he said.

Minister Seneviratne said everybody must be happy that the Budget has not been aimed at realising petty political objectives, especially one that has not targeted the upcoming Local Government elections.

The budget has laid emphasis on improving economic growth up to 5 percent, alleviating poverty and reducing inflation up to 6 percent. Before the budget, steps were also taken to reduce the prices of a large number of essential food commodities, he said.

The Minister said the budget also contains a series of proposals to develop education, agriculture, industries and infrastructure facilities. It has also recommended various incentives to encourage young entrepreneurs. As a whole, the budget has been aimed at expanding socio-economic development and promote the green environment concept.