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Gunewardena brothers Jaden, Aaron set new marks at Kanway Circuit

The National Championship for Motor Cycles Conducted by NEM Racing in association with Two Wheels Motor Racing Club was conducted at the Kanway circuit, Mirigama recently in front of an unexpected gathering of motor racing fans. The meet was completely dominated by the young Gunewardene brothers Jaden and Aaron.

Jaden and Aaron are over sixteen years of age and are qualified to race in high capacity bikes for the first time, rode brilliantly to outride the champions of Sri Lanka Shoel Daniel and Maduranga Caldera another rider who had won the national championship on many occasions. On their way to victory and runner up ahead of Shoel Daniel in the Group ‘M’ 600cc 4/T Supersports also set up new track record clocking the fastest time on the Kanway Circuit. These two young riders who also have competed in foreign soil have come up with many wins.

Both Jaden and Aaron used all their experience they gained competing in other countries. Both these riders were Jaden was on a Honda CBR 600cc while his brother was on a Kawasaki ZXX 600cc.

Jaden and Aaron too were seen in action in the Group ‘M 4/T Supersports Open event where they had to face stiff opposition from 1000cc bikes on the track. Two brothers though not getting off to a flying start in this displayed high skills to chase the top riders from the second lap onwards and finished as first and second runner up behind Pramuka Sesath another rider who excelled well this season winning many events .

The other notable performances came from the young school girl riders Hansika Abeysinghe from Harischandra Vidyalaya Negombo and Shusmi Solanki.

Hansika riding in the Group ‘o’ 2/T 125cc class out rode all other male competitor to win the event while Shusmi Solanki riding in the Group ‘O’ Standard 125cc 4/T class overcame all stiff opposition to beat male riders to win in this class.

The highly placed riders who recorded victories on this day are Shoel Daniel in the Modified 250cc class, Pramuka Sesath in the Motor cycles 1000cc class and 4/T Super sports Open and Sangeeth Suriyage in the Group SM 450cc 4/T class.

In Group ‘R’125cc Racing category Deshal Weerasinghe rode excellently to win this event ouriding Dilan Hettiarachchi and and Adrian Fernando.

Mirigama Results

Group ‘O’ Standard 125cc 4/T Monocylider

1. Sushmi Solanki, 2. L.A.L. Indunil Weerasinghe, 3. D. Chandimal

Group ‘O’ Standard 125cc 4/T Monocylinder (Forces Event)

1, M.C.S. Perera, W.H. Dilan Ratnayake, 3. J. Duncan Deshan

Group ‘M’ 2 stroke 125cc

1. Heshan Pasindu, 2. Udan Perera, 3. Mohamed Shazan

Group ‘O’ Standard 160cc 4/T

1. Hansika Abeysinghe, 2. Vinula D. Pathirana, 3. Sushmi Solanki

Group ‘R’ 125cc Racing

1. Deshan Weeeerasinghe, 2. Dilan Chaminda Hettiarachchi, 3. Adrian Fernando

Group ‘M’ Modified 250cc 4/T Supersports

1. Shoel Daniel, 2.. Heshan Pasindu, 3. Nipun Dilanka

Group ‘M’ Kawasaki Tracker One Make Series 250cc

1. S Harrish, 2. Teshan de Silva, 3. M. Rizvi

Group ‘M’ Modified 600cc Supersports

1. Jaden Gunewardena, 2. Aaron Goonewardena, 3. Shoel Daniel

Group SM Supermotard 250cc 4/T

1. Danushka Sudasinghe, 2. Suren Cooray, 3. Pradeep

Group ‘M’ Buell One Make Series 1. Heshan Illeperuma, 2. Damien Mario Anthonisz, 3. C.S. Ranaweera

Group ‘M’ Modified Motorcycles 900-1000cc

1. Pramuka Sesath, 2. Maduranga Caldera,

Group SM Super Motard 450cc 4/T

1. Sangeeth Suriyage, 2. Suraj Perera, 3. Dushan Mudalige

Yamaha One Make FZ 160cc

1, A. G.P. Kumara, 2. W. P. Kalhara Fernando, 3. R.M.N.K. Danushka Jayawardene,

Group ‘M’ 4/T Supersports Open

1. Pramuka Sesath, 2. Aaron Gunewardene, 3. Jaden Gunewardena

Group SM Supermotard Open

1. Suraj Perera, 2. Sangeeth Suriyage, 3. Deshan Solanki

Group ‘M’ Sport Touring Over 700cc

1. Shashika Samaraweera, 2. Muditha Samarasekera, 3. Akalanka Perera