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Beware of the vector

Do we ever ready to offer a warm blood meal! To her?

An ‘egocentric’ cold blooded ‘insect’

Activates with the soaring of ‘habitat’s - temperature’

Longs to suck and seeks human blood over and over

No gender selections for sucking - Beware! Of the vector

Gathering towards the scent; from human to human

Again flying and prying to and fro.

Do our bare body parts display to her cravings hence forth?

As a victim! To her; For suck enough blood to quench her thirsty

Beware! Of the vector

And the necessity for the maturity! Heregg

And prevailing of incurable deadly disease’s (Dengue) virus!

From human to human, only the link!

Furthermore benefits - To her only

As a common foe! Tries to shatter human life.

Beware! Of the vector.

Captive invites from ‘lush - vegetation’

To indulge with her mate

Behaving very strangely - with dawn; again dusk.

A conflict! Between ‘Aedes aegypti’ the mosquito and human.

Beware! Of the vector

Thus; do we let to make abundant, placid water layers?

To lay enough eggs of her

Thus prevention! is easy rather than cure

Beware! Of the vector. And does not let her to set off or scoot off.

- Merril Perera


“The only emperor is the emperor of Ice Cream”- Wallace Stevens

When he felt there was no escape,

From the flame of shame at being gulled,

When he saw he’d, unbeknownst to himself, taken a blind alley

And had walked too far to turn back,

He decided to call it all a day,

Once and for all and made his escape

From the torturing hands of memory…

The writing had since been on the wall,

The four fates too intertwined for just one to break loose,

Without breaking the rest.

From his bereavement, from the flame of shame,

From the unavenged rage,

From the unforgiving glare of the venomous world,

Under the crushing weight of unpaid debt,

They were dying slowly.

That’s all.

Ice-cream laced with poison,

only accelerated their departure..

Jayashantha Jayawardhana

My desires

I have a desire

To see the way the day dawns

With the ringing of the sun

And the chirping of the birds.

I have a desire

To sit silently and watch the way

Water flows down streams

Carrying flowers and leaves.

I have a desire

To playfully chase the rabbits and deer

Among shadows of trees

And to be chased by them.

I have a desire

To sit on a rock or a mound

When the sky is clear

And converse with the rainbow.

I have a desire

To sneak outdoors at night

And share my thoughts

With the moon and stars.

I have a great desire

To go back to my childhood

And live a life

Free of hypocrisy

- Kumari Weerasooriya