Abans Audio launches LG X-Boom lineup | Sunday Observer

Abans Audio launches LG X-Boom lineup

Abans Audio, the audiovisual arm of Abans PLC, recently released the new progressive range of LG X-Boom hi-fi and home theatre systems for the first time ever in Sri Lanka.

The lineup represents LG’s ground-breaking evolution in sound technology as well as its commitment towards offering a total entertainment solution that can make any moment a party. The full range will comprise of seven models of differing sizes, formats and designs, making LG X-Boom the ideal choice for today’s generation.

The most distinct characteristics of the LG X-Boom series include its loud but dynamic sound-quality and responsive settings, which work together to create the perfect music environment for all types of parties or gatherings. Unlike other brands that produce shrill sound as you increase the volume, LG X-Boom audio systems retain the clarity and harmony of your sound whilst delivering powerful, room-filling music. This is evidenced by the products’ ability to pump out flawless bass with well-defined mid and treble frequencies, and stunningly clear vocals at any volume setting. The LG X-Boom range also enhances the tone of music that feature electronic/EDM beats, making your sound truly pleasurable to dance and listen to all throughout the night. Seamless Bluetooth connectivity is the other salient feature present in these stereo systems. You can build an instant playlist by wirelessly streaming music directly from your smartphone or other compatible devices.

Beware of purchasing LG audio systems from dealers who are not LG-certified. Such products can either be unauthorized fakes or LG merchandise that have been illegally imported from other countries.

This impedes your overall audio experience since non-authorized LG products are often not acclimatized to Sri Lankan weather and technological conditions.