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Be the CEO of your own life


In business management just as in your own personal management, you must take charge. You have to manage yourself efficiently before you can manage the destiny of thousands of employees and be answerable to as many stockholders.

Don’t just live aimlessly, you must set sail on a new destination, a new mission, the voyage of conquering your fears and living life to your highest ideal. Invest time and effort in you, become the person you want to be, you have the power within you to change your future, don’t let the life you have led so far make you believe that you can’t live the life you want.

You are the CEO of your own life, the captain of your ship, the commander, lead yourself to success, wake up every day with a clear purpose on attaining success, you become what you think about, you become who you associate with, make no excuses about your life, you have a choice to live life to a higher standard, get up and rise to the challenge of life and say yes I can do this, I can become successful, believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

You have to be trustworthy, confident, and willing to learn every day. You have to step out of your comfort zone and do things that others think are simply too hard to do.

The basic training begins with simple self-discipline. Things like being on time for appointments, paying your bills on time, and meeting your deadlines and commitments like a well-oiled machine.

You have to take full responsibility for your errors and do whatever is necessary to correct them as quickly as possible. Assume full responsibility for your life and know that the opportunity for a better life is with you. You must push yourself every day to be better. Now is the time to start acting like the person you want to be.

Take charge

You are in total charge of what happens to you. Let’s take a look at how You must be the CEO of your own life. First are decisions. People look to the CEO to make the BIG decisions.

You are the only one who can make decisions for yourself. Sure, you can get advice and there surely is no shortage of advice from others. But in the end, it is YOU who must ultimately decide what’s best.

Even if you took some other person’s advice, YOU have to make the decision. As the CEO of your life, how are you performing? Are you living a life filled with vision and purpose, and are you making a difference that matters?

Have you reached the level you aspire to in your organization, or have you hit a glass ceiling? Do you find that the world is beating a path to your doorstep or are you politely being ignored? Are you making the kind of money you want?

Make big decisions

What BIG decisions are you making right now? How about your occupation? That’s a big one, and it takes up a lot of your time. You decided to work where you work; even if your brother got you the job, or a friend got it for you, or you only got the job for some extra cash and ended up staying there.

No matter what the story is, you decided that you’re going to work where you work. And if you stay at your current job, or find something better, it won’t happen until YOU decide.

As the CEO of your life, you are responsible to manage your life in its completeness, not merely one department or function. You are responsible for your personal life, professional life, health and well-being. When was the last time you asked yourself, “How am I doing in each of these areas and in balancing the different parts to make a whole?” You are responsible for any results that you produce, good, bad, or different.