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Poems: Uplands – Survival

Nature make harsh moves
Weather uncertain proves
Incessant pelting rain
Frost, the mist below the plane
The fog make all unseen
Speckles of ice never before seen
Strong streams gushes down
Changing landscape climate bound
Erosion prevails landslides make
God is merciful for human sake
Sun heats parched craked land
Wind provokes the dust and sand
Lightning strikes thunder rolls
Cyclonic winds caution calls
Night falls darkness prevails
Moonlight peeps shadows pale
Stars shine the fountains glow
Uplands react against natures blow.

- Miran Perera

The Retired

Flickering candle is burning out fast
“To rest in laurels” cloaks “snuff out”
Retired means nothing but “rejected”
Honour and décor black out the void
Without keener eyes to glee in pride
Photographed memories since a child
Will be swept away to garbage mound
Justice meted out to lot by time’s round
Without pupils baked, your texts molder
Your holy gizmo rides fiends’ shoulder
You cannot sign what you leave behind
Out of stage, out of a resounding script
Mind is the orator and the viewer-critic
Out of stage, there can never be mind
Dementia grace you with a relief kind.

- Maxi Fernando


A mender of hearts

Never before had I seen
a mender of hearts.
She was someone
who fell in love with
broken hearts
and wanted to mend them,
to take care of them..
accidentally could I see
the deep scars on her arms
which reminded me
of the pain
she herself
had to undergo
while trying to repair
the broken hearts.

- Nanduni Anjalee Perera


Whose failure

Praise - a key to encouragement
Though many a lip and tongue
Fail to form a word or two
To push forward
The little innocent minds
Awaiting to enter
The changing world ahead…
Yet, ...............
Venomous comments That flow through such lips
Spoil innocence and beauty
Of the immature minds
Encouraging them to Enter and embrace
A gloomy world!
(Dedicated to the children who suffered recently
due to illogical treatment of some adults and teachers)

A. Jayalath Basnagoda