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Rata Giya Attho on Nov 29

A movie version of yesteryear’s renowned, award winning film and Drama Director, G. D. L. Perera’s Rata Giya Attho’ Teledrama, would be screened at Namel Malini Punchi Theatre on 29 November at 5 p.m.

‘Rata Giya Attho’ is the first ever teledrama that was done abroad entirely with a cast and a crew of the Sri Lankans who lived abroad (in London) in the early 1980s. It was highly acclaimed when telecast during the same period by Rupavahini. It’s no secret that it was considered an entertaining classic and tremendously appreciated by the viewers which demonstrated artistically a theme of the true difficult life of the immigrants who lived over there at the relevant time divulging that it’s not a rosy and easy life that the majority of us tend to imagine whilst being over here.

Its writer, director and producer was a well reputed and established cinema and drama director who transpired generations of artistes in many fields by founding the reputed and creative Institute of Kala Pela in the 1960s.

The cast though lived abroad is quite reputed. Namel Weeramuni, Malini Weeramuni, Ananda Weerakoon of Rekava fame, Gita Perera, Wasantha Raja, once a rebellious and an innovative Rupavahini Chairman, Dr. Tilak Fernando, reputed writer, and all others who enlivened their characters have not gone to oblivion.

Entrance is free. All are welcome. To have the seats reserved they are requested to telephone 011 2672121.