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There are more than 300 breeds of dogs in the world. But all have the same ancestry which is the wolf. But how did wolves get domesticated? Well, more than 12000 years ago in Europe, wolves started to approach the settlements of our ancestors. Hunter-gatherers saw the ability of wolves to hunt, guard and protect groups and turned into our first pets. Wolves gradually stopped breeding with their former packs and they became smaller in size along with their teeth and claws. But how did all the breeds of dogs come to be? It all came about through natural selection and adaptation. When moving into colder climates dogs grew more fur, and those in warmer climates lost part of their fur. In some places where bigger and smaller dogs were preferred, breeds were combined. Thus, dogs became the most diverse mammals.

Some people say that cats are smarter than dogs. But I think dogs are smarter than felines. Dogs provide us company, guide the blind, save lives, understand up to 200 human words, feels envy and are capable of detecting illnesses. By accompanying us for millennia they have got used to our behaviour patterns. That is why there is such a connection. Dogs understand us from birth and they have gained intelligence from humans.


Senesa Jayadeva,

Grade 7,

Vidura College,