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Good health habits

What is a habit? I think habits are acts which people indulge in to satisfy their needs. There are two types of health habits. They are good health habits and bad health habits. Bad health habits like smoking and drinking can cause heart disease, lung cancer and many other diseases. We must avoid bad health habits to have a better life. Good health habits like taking a bath, brushing your teeth twice a day, adequate rest and sleep can keep us active, healthy, wealthy and wise. In the past, people were very active because they followed good health habits. But nowadays, not only children but also adults are addicted to phones and TVs, and do not adhere to good health habits. Water is essential for all living beings. Drinking one and a half to two litres of water daily can keep us healthy. But people carelessly pollute water which affects our health. Adequate rest and sleep are also essential for us. A normal person must sleep for eight to ten hours a day. People must be made aware of all this and have good health habits to maintain good health.


Thushan Senanayake,

Grade 7,

Ananda College,