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A scary experience



One gloomy evening, my family and I went to a shop to buy some essentials and vegetables. After that we got ready to go home. While we were going home, suddenly there was a big bang from our car. We couldn’t control it. But we managed to stop safely. Then we got down from the car to see what had happened. We knew that it was not good. It was a very strange place. Then my mother and father went about to see whether there was anyone who could help.

My grandmother and I were left alone in the car. After a while, it started raining cats and dogs and there was a terrific thunderstorm. Suddenly I saw a dark figure passing us. I was shivering at that moment. I followed it and I saw that it was a deadly apparition. I screamed and ran towards the car. I felt so scared that I ran for miles. The rain stopped after a while, and I went slowly back to the car when I found my parents searching for me. I told them what had happened to me. After this scary experience, we never pass that road again.


Devnaka Wickramasinghe,

Grade 6 N.B.,

Royal Institute