Work on 2,000 housing units to start by 2020 | Sunday Observer

Work on 2,000 housing units to start by 2020

Minister of Housing and Constructions Sajith Premadasa said work on 490 ‘Udagammana’ housing projects has commenced throughout the country since the government came into power and that he aims to commence work on another 500 housing projects by the end of this year and on another 2,000 projects by 2020.

The minister said that several stalwarts and supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa are with him now. “They have joined me to support me in my political journey having understood the progress of his housing and loan schemes for lower income people,” he said.

The minister reiterated that the Semata Sevana housing scheme is not for a selected group of people but for all the lower income groups without any political bias.

Another intention of this he said was to provide self-employ to lower income peopl to make them reliant without being a burden to others. He said that he does not want to win elections by setting up mobile taverns where liquor was served to voters by candidates of the past regime.

“During the past regime politicians crossed over to other parties having obtained colossal sums of money but those who joined me did so with a good intention and not for money.