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BEST BOOK REVIEWS: Beezus and Ramona

First Prize

Among the loads of books that I have read, Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Clearly is my favourite. It revolves around the garrulous little girl Ramona who does marvelous things which makes us laugh.

Her wonderful imaginative habits such as wearing her beloved homemade paper rabbit ears while pretending to be an Easter bunny, dragging a string along behind her pretending to lead an imaginary lizard named Ralph makes the elders around her very excited. Her elder sister Beatrice, whom Ramona addresses as Beezus is fed up with this behavior of her little sister.

I like this book because it takes me back to my own childhood and also because it is full of humour. The book is illustrated by Louis Darling and it was first published by William Morrow.

Senali Senanayake,

Grade 10,

Wayamba Royal College.