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Every action has a reaction

When a Brahmin went in search of cattle he got bewildered and fell into a deep pit. He started screaming for help. A monkey heard him and took him out of the pit with difficulty. The Brahmin felt very thirsty while the monkey was resting its head on his lap. So he hit the head of the resting monkey to suck blood to quench his thirst. The monkey whose head was bleeding ran away. Later, when the Brahmin was unable to find his way, the monkey showed him the way to go back home.

The Brahmin always remembered the act of treachery he committed to the monkey who saved his life, and as a result he fell into great mental distress. He was unable to stop thinking about the inhuman act he did. Due to the increasing mental pain, he became prone to severe skin diseases.

When the king inquired about his illness, he confessed that his life was miserable because of his ungratefulness. This story reveals that every action has a reaction. When a person commits bad deeds, they have bad consequences.


Sajani Tennakoon,

Rajasinghe Maha Vidyalaya,