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Kelani Cables presents LED bulbs to customers

Kelani Cables PLC offers customers who have been with the company for 50 years a range of newest LED bulbs

Kelani Cables PLC being a brand in secure electrical and communication cables subsequently ventured into producing LED bulbs. The company recently unveiled its newest LED bulb range to the Sri Lankan market.

Anil Munasinghe, General Manager Marketing, Kelani Cables PLC, said that the comnpany ventured into producing LED bulbs in addition to producing secure electrical and communication cables after a comprehensive study revealed the need of better LED bulbs by Sri Lankan households.

“’Kelani LED’ bulbs serve varied purposes of the Sri Lankan consumer. We have superior products that emit more light and have a greater reach. That is the USP of Kelani LED bulbs. This range of LED bulbs we introduced today has greater emission power and lifetime. Consumers who complain about low emission of light from various LED bulbs have now become loyal customers of ‘Kelani LED’ bulbs. While all other LED bulbs emit a conical shaped light Kelani LED clear bulb emits light to spread fully. Hence ‘Kelani LED’ could be treated as just the product for any household”, said Munasinghe.