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Limelight on livelight

“Livelight” is a platform for Interactors to display their skills and talents beyond the given project planning and social service. 2017 has seen the project take a detour from the norm since its kick off this year. The Semi Finals, unlike in other years, was a grand scale event open to the public where the competition took stage on November 17 at the Havelock City Clubhouse. This provided a greater number of participants to gain the complete experience of what it’s like to perform at a concert for a larger audience.

The evening featured thirteen aspiring artists under the categories of solo performers, duets and bands. It was a lineup that kept the crowd on their feet and exciting energies at the Havelock City Clubhouse. Witnesses of the event were glad to mention that the performers proved to be deserving of their title as the Livelight Semifinalists of 2017. The performances featured many renditions on modern day radio as well as creative covers of household music. That night, the performers, yet again, managed to flaunt some of the many talents of Interact on stage.

To the performers it was a night of emotions running high and nerves possibly running higher. However, the artistes managed to turn their nervous energy into their performances and capture the audience in their whirlpool of excitement while they conquered the stage to entertain the audience in their own unique way.Their rhythmic skill was evaluated by the panel of judges, well equipped with the talent for the job, comprising, Ridma Weerawardane, Chanuka Moragoda and Aksharan Sathiskumar. As Radio Jam mentioned,

“Livelights for Radio Jam was a chance to show what we were made of. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase the skills we have developed over the years and to use those skills to entertain a wonderful audience”

Following the contestants, the guest performers of the night took stage to add another dimension to the show encasing performances which built energy and depth.

The level of talent and professionalism on stage that night made it very easy to forget that it was a competition for amateur artists that took stage. As the performances and energy that was simply from outer space concluded, the audience was brought back to reality with the announcing of the results. With the curtains closing in on the night, Ama Jayasinghe, Jacinta Richards, Abishek Navodh, Kavindu Sumanasena, Classical Gas and Xynergy proceeded to be titled the finalists of ‘Livelight 2017’.

The six finalists will battle it out for the title of the winner of Livelight 2017, at Interflash, organized by the Interact District Council 3220, which is to take stage on February 3 2018 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium from 6:pm onwards featuring a range of endowed performers, thus promising to be a flourish of musical talent of Sri Lankan youth.

Int. Nishalya Jayasuriya