Murder of salon owner : Husband’s involvement not ruled out | Sunday Observer

Murder of salon owner : Husband’s involvement not ruled out

The possibility of the husband’s involvement in the recently murdered woman in Kottawa has not been ruled out according to Police sources and thet will carry out investigations to ascertain whether he was involved in the murder.

Police claim that the husband may have acted as an informant to the gunmen, given the tempestuous relationship between the victim and himself.

According to a source from the Kottawa Police, the duo had been estranged for over three years, but the murder victim would periodically visit her children living with their father in Kottawa. It was during one such occasion that she was murdered, the Police said.

The murder victim, identified as 41-year-old Manjula Sanduni died in a hail of bullets on Thursday night at Rukmalgama, Kottawa when two gunmen who arrived on a motorcycle fired at her using a 9 mm pistol.

Earlier this year, underworld figure, Tanil Bandara, was killed at the beauty salon owned by the victim.

She was later arrested and remanded for over three months for providing information to the gunmen on Bandara’s whereabouts. Police say the beauticians killing may be an act of revenge by the underworld.

While the Police are expected to obtain statements from the husband and his mother, the only eyewitness to the incident, the postmortem on the death was held at the Colombo South Teaching Hospital yesterday.