Huawei smartphones: Singer tops Rs 1b in sales | Sunday Observer

Huawei smartphones: Singer tops Rs 1b in sales

Singer Sri Lanka, the national distributor for Huawei smartphones announced that it surpassed Rs. 1 billion in sales of Huawei smartphones for November.

The Rs. 1 billion in sales were solely for the month of November and this was the second time Singer Sri Lanka reached this milestone.

Singer Sri Lanka’s trusted partnership, unique sales approach, coupled with aggressive marketing strategies and brand innovation has led to this phenomenal achievement, a company spokesman said.

With this accomplishment Huawei continues to prove its market credibility as it continues to build a strong market share in Sri Lanka.

Singer Sri Lanka has been aggressively promoting the Huawei Nova 2i an innovation which was only launched in early November.

According to the local retail giant, Huawei has also achieved the most top of mind recalled brand among smartphone customers as the number one growing smartphone brand in Sri Lanka.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC Group CEO, Asoka Pieris said, “We are elated to signify this moment for Singer Sri Lanka and Huawei and I would like to commend the entire team who have been involved all along for their contribution towards achieving this feat.

“Our valued customers have identified that high quality can be experienced for an affordable price. This is a commendable focus by Huawei, who are constantly innovating and breaking the digital divide through introducing affordable smartphones,” he said.