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Trumps Solutions teams up with VLT

Nadeeka Kumarihami
Nadeeka Kumarihami

Trumps Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., joins VLT, a Southeast Asian digital independent company, to offer Sri Lankan startups, businesses and brands integrated design, technology and innovation as well as brand solution with content, media and PR.

VLT will offer its design, innovation and technology expertise and content specialists to serve Trumps’ clients and explore new opportunities afforded by the new integrated offering. This provides services from the spectrum of product or brand inception to go-to-market.

VLT, on behalf of brands, integrates strategy, creativity, technology and content capabilities, with an interdisciplinary team of over 70 thinkers, creators and makers.

CEO of Trumps Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Nadeeka Kumarihami said “It is our sole intention to be ahead of the industry and step away from the conventional mediums of traditional advertising. We believe that digital marketing is the next big thing in the advertising industry.”

Head of Digital Advertising and Marketing at Trumps-VLT, Imasha Fernando said, “As marketers in Sri Lanka we have a long way to go in terms of digital marketing, a partnership with an agency such as VLT provides us the know-how and technology to cater to our clients better with the latest innovations in the industry.”

CEO of VLT, Adrian Lim said, “Through innovation and technology and communication practices, we are proud to be able to share our experience growing some of the local and world’s best brands with our new partners there.”