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Ultimate happiness with science and technology

17 December, 2017
Jasna Rokegem
Jasna Rokegem

Meet Jasna Rokegem of Belgium, a young and energetic pioneer in combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. Not only in creating unique projects and collections, but also in bringing these to life by using techniques such as virtual and augmented reality. She has a strong vision on the clothing of the future and how it can add value to our daily lives.

In January 2016, aged 23, she founded Jasna, the first FashTech design studio in Belgium.

Jasna Rok provides a window to show the endless possibilities of technology and science today, by making them visible, tangible and understandable for the big audience through interactive fashion.

Jasna is a science freak and wants to put her knowledge of science into creating real time solutions.

“My goal is to create ultimate happiness for everybody, by combining fashion, technology and science. Clothing is one of our first necessities; it protects us from the external elements and helps us express ourselves. But the fashion industry isn’t adapting to the dynamic world we live in. It can be so much more than merely a tool to keep us warm or to look good,” says Jasna.

“With the combination of FashTech, we can create a personal life coach which helps us improve our inner selves and the world. For instance, we created the first collection in the world, called Fashion on Brainwaves, that connects your brainwaves to morphing fashion, which means that your garment changes colour and form depending on what is happening in your brain.”

Jasna is the first Belgian Fashtech design studio which provides a window to the possibilities of technological innovation and interactive fashion around the whole world.

“We are willing to share our knowledge, expertise, and experiences related to FashTech, cross-over industries. This means that we partner with small and big companies, universities and laboratories all over the world not only to bring the latest innovations quicker to the market but also to show how discoveries in FashTech can be used in other industries. We highly believe that we are stronger together, by sharing our futuristic ideas. For instance, we combined forces with Volkswagen to create a new vision: the interconnected car, driven by our brainwaves.

“We are combining visions and ideas with different entrepreneurs to stand stronger together. We combined forces with Imec to put flexible lightning into our garments and with Nokia Bell Labs we thought about new possibilities of non-verbal communication. To share the vision of Jasna Rok, she introduced fashtech into the car industry at Volkswagen India.

The science behind the ‘Fashion of Brainwaves’ collection could be used in this industry too.

Besides that, she spent two days with OnePlus to discover the relationship between fashtech and the telecom world, with smartphones, integrated into our clothes, we will be able to communicate much faster with our surroundings.

She is currently working with Prof. Koen Kas to implement FashTech in the Healthcare industry. “So we can prevent illness.”

But that is not all; as a young entrepreneur she continues to inspire other children and youth. She is already a mentor for university and college students. She conducts more and more lectures to share her knowledge, expertise and experiences while combining innovative technologies with interactive fashion. “The lectures can help you to improve your company, yourself and your vision,” she says.