Poems | Sunday Observer


Purity of Christmas

Sara took her eyes off from the book

And pressed her face to the window pane

It was the beginning of cold December

Where all devoured in white,

The unsoiled mountain and the dark green pines

Mostly coated with crystalline snow,

The street was covered with a thick blanket

Of white and weak moonlight,

Looked like an incomplete painting

Canvas was pure white and waiting

For the artist hand to return,

Street lamps stood straight with dimmed lights

While the winter wind howled

Blinding the night with ice-white dust,

Then she could no longer see

Her own breath having misted up the glass,

This effervescent atmosphere reminded her

The songs of joy and filled stockings

Hot homemade soup and yummy sugary food

The warm smiles of people she loves

And the loud spirited laughter of adults,

Snuggling up with glowing candles

And draping over with blankets

It all brings happiness

With the purity of Christmas.


Anushani Thilakarathna

A prayer to Mother Nature

Every village consists of natural resources

Wildlife, flora, fauna and surrounding forests

Nourished by inter-monsoonal rains

Empowering man with colossal gains

Man owes his peaceful civilization

Also life’s worthy foundation.

Rich and poor, lucky, unlucky, high and low

All included in her bosom, with lot of love.

During the last few days, Lanka, our Motherland

Was devastated by floods, landslides and storms

Leaving in their wake enormous damage

Brought about by heartless ravage.

Those who have anger surging within

Make attempts to bring her eternal ruin

Many fail to realise it is their home

And they are going against universal norms

Some used nations’ resources at will

Disrupting relief and rehabilitation as well

Our vision has brought us closer to you

Making us aware of the harm done to you.

My Prayer

Dear Mother be with those who suffer

Try to make their lives not a wee bit rougher

We recall your wonderful service with gratitude

Promising to make a change in our attitude

We now feel that your pain is our pain

We should make a resolve never to hurt you again

We will gently look after you Mother earth

Not with the least, but immense faith

Let us pardon our wrong-doings and mistakes

Never to repeat till Mother nature lives

We shall do our little bit of good where we are

With grateful thanks, Mother for taking care

May you long live Dear Mother Earth

Growing each day from strength to strength.

Rupa Banduwardena

Delight at Night

What on earth gives one the tranquility?

Which the silence that prevails on a calm night brings

Who can show one the splendour

That the beam of the clear Moon gives out at night

Where can one find the solace

That night’s dimness gives

When can one find the ecstasy other than at night

That gives delight to all,

To the poor and the rich, to the young and the old,

But the modern city dweller

Who is deprived of the delight at night

By the artificially lit world where he lives in

for his mundane good

N.A.A.P.K. Nedurana